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Violetfire [mod] * 4 days ago

Please watch and read about DizzyDuets situation. They are caught up in this CPS horrific government plot.
Child Protective Service Are Trafficking Children. Nancy Schafer tried to expose it and she was killed. Please email or call your state Senators. This is happening in EVERY state. They are even Kidnapping children from Parents and Grandparents. This has to stop. I sent this tape to @realdonaldtrump, @fbi, whitehouse email, & @DonaldtrumpJr in an attempt to get some exposure.

Violetfire [mod] 4 days ago

All I can say is I wish I would have become a lawyer.

northman 4 days ago

It's never to late for frontier justice.

rektspec 2 days ago

Just do not be a lawyer like Hillary, laughing at how her guilty rapist client faked the polygraph test.

BREAKING EXPLOSIVE STORY!!!! Former CIA agent DR. JIM GARROW exposes the discussion Michael Flynn was having with a Russian diplomat that led to Flynn's resignation as President Trump's National Security Advisor. The conversation, which was being illegally recorded by the CIA in violation of the U.S. Constitution, was about the worldwide pedophilia ring. The ring reaches into Russia with the same cast of pedophiles that are found in the United States. Both Flynn and the Russian were attempting to get an understanding of who these pedophiles are in the U.S. government and inside the Russian government. These people travel from country to country and use Brussels as a major staging area for pedophilia purposes.

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twisty58 5 days ago

People are going to die because of these people. This is top level stuff.

rektspec 5 days ago

If I swear I would swear now. Incredible!

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Realitypro 4 days ago

I have been sending her information about pizzagate.

Violetfire [mod] 4 days ago

Good. I sent her info on CPS.

Violetfire [mod] 4 days ago

I thought they were working on it already. COME ON. We want arrests NOW. In the meantime maybe Ivanka can go after CPS.

joker0461 1chordwonder
4 days ago 2 views

Hello! :)

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Hi all. I'm new & I was invited over from Gab. This looks much better than Facebook. I look forward to interacting. Peace!
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