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Hello group! Glad we have another option, #MAGA and God Bless America!
@usalivestrong on Twitter--

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2A4Liberty 2 months ago

I 'm spreading the word--can posts go viral here?

mwill 2 months ago

gab.ai the twitter alternative
Gab.ai where nothing is banned or censored. You can speak freely there and there is more good up to date info on many subjects not just politics. Musicians,writers, web developers,and lot's of very talented people from all walks of life eager to engage in honest and open discussion on any subject

Gab.ai is more than a bastion of FreeSpeech. It is a haven for sanity, a place to breathe freely. A place to ask questions and to question answers - unafraid. A place of friendships and the birth place of GabLove. It is a new home for the spirit of Liberty - for the GabFam.

The observer has to be able to distinguish fact from opinion.

Violetfire 2 months ago

Welcome. I hope to see you over @thedonald.

2A4Liberty 2 months ago

I'm there:) Thanks!

2A4Liberty 2 months ago

Please share this--widely--Its the best NWO/Secret society expose' I've ever found-How it came to be, the wars we've fought, the Federal reserve-http://www.truthcontrol.com/new-world-order-guide

Zoie 2 months ago

Welcome to Votable, @2A4Liberty ! Hope you have a great time here! :)

2A4Liberty 1 month ago

4 weeks later!! Sorry! Anyway, I enjoy your shares here, lots of grins:)) Thanks!

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2A4Liberty Jseek
2 months ago 738 views

I like the format--easier to use than gab--and looks like more potential than others-Thanks!

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2A4Liberty Ange777
2 months ago 321 views

Welcome! I've been here about 12 hrs, I like the format!

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2A4Liberty Zoie
2 months ago 141 views

Hi! You showed up on comments, soooo--:)

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Hello group! Glad we have another option, #MAGA and God Bless America! @usalivestrong on Twitter--
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