Hey guys I am a pretty new Youtuber and was wondering how you can get subscribers or how to get yourself known out there any answer is greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

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KreatorB [lead] 7 hours ago

hey and welcome, I am no authority on the matter but I can share what I do. I started ten years ago I did Photoshop Tutorials Only. Was part of a School project and I did good back then. But let it go and LOST all my followers(or most of them). So I have been trying everything to build up in gaming and have come across a few great tips I want to share with all of you as I have seen about 20+ sub increase in the last 30days. While this may be nothing it may also be something and you can try it for yourself. I have found that streaming is the easiest way to grow but if you prefer uploading go for it. 1. First you need to stream or make gameplay videos and upload them. 2. Make sure your content is edited into individual gameplay if you streamed different games. 3. Release content everyday around same time to public.(Keep all content unlisted until the time of release) and lastly do this for 5 days a week. It works, I have been doing it. Now if you want to grow in Twitter I have a program to help as in the past month I have gone from 110 to 320 tweeters. use this https://web.crowdfireapp.com anyway hope this little insight might help you/us all grow. KreatorB

AfternoonGamerYT 1 hour ago

Hey KreatorB! I really appreciate you giving me all of this advice! It is extremely helpful and I will try to follow it as much as possible although streaming is not an option sadly! :(
Thank you again! <3

KreatorB [lead] 14 minutes ago

I hear you as it is not possible for all. I also mentioned that uploading videos as well with the same routine helps. the more upload the more coverage. And let us not forget to get a good channel banner, icon and logo to branding. Lastly make sure you you update you channel page with playlists and content for your viewers. At the moment u are just starting and are limited but in time you will fill it in. Best of luck.

AfternoonGamerYT Gaming Lets Plays
1 day ago 171 views

Hey guys how are all of you doing? It´s finally the weekend so new vid from me! In this video we check out a prototype game found in the itch.io website and I give my opinion on it! Hope you enjoy! Also let me know in the comment section if youve tried the game yourselves and your opinion on it as well as ideas as I am planning on messaging the developers with some feedback! Love you guys have a good one!

The Game: https://trunx.itch.io/catboy

P.S I am raising money for charity through gaming which I think is a brilliant way to do so! It would be great if you could check the charity out or even donate here: http://bit.ly/2n5NamB

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AfternoonGamerYT Gaming Lets Plays
10 hours ago 81 views

Hey guys today we check out a 99 cent game in steam called turbo pug! Hope you enjoy! Let me know in the comments your opinion and anything really as I love hearing from you guys!
My Fundraising page for The AbleGamers Charity (current Goal: 100$): http://bit.ly/2n5NamB
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamerAfternoon
My Discord: http://bit.ly/2mHDmvu

The Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/418070/

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AfternoonGamerYT Minecraft Videos
4 days ago 103 views

Hello guys William here a.k.a The Afternoon Gamer hope you all having a great day! This is my first video and the start to a great series! The chest challenge consists of having to fill up a single chest of every single Minecraft item excluding nether stars, beacons, emerald ore, and unobtainable items through survival! Hang on tight because it´s gonna be one helluva ride and I´ll catch you in the next one! Also before I go I am fundraising for The AbleGamers Charity which is a Charity dedicated to investing in technology to create and adapt consoles for disabled people! Link down below to my page if you guys want to donate! Love you Guys :D
My Fundraising page for The AbleGamers Charity (current Goal: 100$): http://bit.ly/2n5NamB
My Twitter: https://twitter.com/GamerAfte...

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Hey people from Votable I am a new member! My name is William a.k.a The Afternoon Gamer, my passion is videogames and helping other people out! My Objective is to build an amazeballs community with all of you guys! I am hosting a fundraising event for The AbleGamers Charity and will do throughout my whole Youtube career. It would be great if you guys and gals were to check my channel out. Lastly if you want to talk about anything or just tell me hi I have a Discord server and I recommend you comment as much as you want as I will reply to everyone and love hearing from you guys!
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