Ambi [mod] Otlichno SMP Videos
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Ambi [mod] * 3 days ago

Island Survival is two people living on an island. I am here with my new friend Joy and we are going to play this series together.

Our custom rules are pretty simple, we are starting on a fairly good sized island and while this is an entire Minecraft world we are only allowed to build on or expand the island. Also, while we are allowed to travel to the mainland via the overworld, we are only allowed to sleep on the island, the only exception is placing beds near the end portal once it is found. The dungeon count is double the default, and the difficulty is on hard. Oh, and there might be one or two nearby islands we can expand to by building to them. We will build a sustainable way of life here on our island and I hope you all enjoy following us as we survive!!!

Ambi Ask Votable
4 days ago 304 views

Hmmm, why does Votable notify me by email when I reply to myself?

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nepherrae 4 days ago

why do you reply to yourself on votable? isn't it easier to just do that in your head? lol :)

keithaBrownell 4 days ago

I reply to myself to emphasize something that might be missed or to let others know my stance. If we did all of this in our heads we wouldn't need to be here.

Ambi * 4 days ago

It was a reply to add to what I already said. lol

nepherrae 3 days ago

i figured, i was joking with you. you can edit what you write in your posts so you don't need to comment on them to add what you may have forgotten :)

Ambi * 3 days ago

Not forgotten, intelligent people shouldn't have to change what they said to add to the conversation lol

nepherrae 3 days ago

even the smartest people make mistakes and they tend to be more critical of their selves. perhaps forgotten was the wrong word, thought of later would be more fitting 🙂

Ambi 3 days ago

Yeah, in this case it was not to change what was said, but to continue the conversation. And when edits are made there is no email notification. 🙂

Kween 3 days ago

Thank goodness otherwise I'd be in trouble...especially on one of my rants--multiple typos--incoherent sentences..ya'll know the ones winks

KaosMC [lead] 3 days ago

Probably because it was et up that way. @Jseek knows, I think.

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