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Pelosi is "proud" of her posse

Gee Nancy like, I don't know... We could all like, dress in white and like, give Trump like a really mean look when he says something you don't like. Like, you know?

People. We are dealing with middle school children here.

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northman 1 month ago

Retarded ones.

keithaBrownell [mod] 1 month ago

That was not 'dignity' that was petty petulance.

Anonymous0101 All info on #PizzaGate
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MickeyDee 1 month ago

Does he have a Podesta in his closet?

northplaza 1 month ago

How embarrassing to have praised this scumbag.

So many.

Obama didn't just attack Trump or the Republican party, it was an attack on the foundations of American representative government.

Does anyone doubt the wiretap spying would not have been used on any other canditate?

Democrat voters should be the most outraged! It was their leadership who hatched and executed the plan. But instead of outrage they sit by to get marchimg orders from thier political class masters and the MSM.

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Violetfire [lead] 1 month ago

They just keep embarrassing themselves while we sit back and smile watching this marvelous chess player make his next move.

Anonymous0101 All info on #PizzaGate
1 month ago 123 views

#Sessions #Russia witch hunt was started by Washington Post

Why is this significant especially for #pizzagate?

John #Podesta joined the post as a contributing columist on 2/23/17

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