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4 days ago 98 views

Justin Trudeau will have to spread his arms wider to welcome these new newcomers.

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Banjo Politics
4 days ago 126 views

At some point our leftist corporate culture, indoctrinated like the liberal arts in Marxism, will realize you can never offer enough. The demands will always be for more. So watch for the continued deterioration in the quality of everything to satisfy the appetite of the diversity commissars.

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Banjo Politics
5 days ago 397 views

Outrage over the IRS targeting conservatives dying down? Get it re-stoked with this:

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Banjo 5 days ago

The taxpayers lined her pockets on her way out the door. We must claw it back and she must do jail time.

Banjo Politics
23 hours ago 238 views

French feminists... as crazy as our own.

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TangoMike 23 hours ago

We have pit bulls, they have pit poodles; (😷💩) is anyone really surprised?


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