Hillary and crew were not given immunity for this:

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I watched my President sign an Executive Order. I heard him say, "The war on coal is over." I watch all his speeches and rallies. Then, I listen to the "news." CNN, ABC, MSNBC, they all take what he said and twist it to their agenda. Anything to make him look bad. They even tell outright lies.Unbelievable. They are afraid. There are a lot of guys like me watching this horseshit go on. You know, the coal miner's kid who could not afford to go to college so he went to Viet Nam. The one who does not sign up for veteran's benefts because he knows any time the government does anything for you watch out. The man who looked at Obama's "fundamental change," and thought, "No way in hell." President Trump is a person, not a bunch of talking points that they have no intention of fulfilling. Is he perfect? No. None of are. I look at President Trump and I have hope for my country. He will do the best he can to keep mu country the America I grew up in, t...

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Bryant_Bearfield Politics
1 week ago 221 views

Soon France will vote. They will poll their voters just like we did. The polls will all be wrong. The voters are intimidated by political correctness into not saying their real feelings. Once in the voting booth they will vote what they know to be true. It is not racist to not want people to kill you in your own streets. Every country is defined by the beliefs of their citizens. Those citizens have the right to expect their government to provide safety and secure their borders. It will be interesting to see if the globalists manage to let non-citizens vote as was done here in the USA. Freedom is not free. It requires you to speak the truth, even if that truth makes you unpopular. Good luck France.

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Bryant_Bearfield Politics
3 days ago 39 views

So here we go again with the Racist cry of the liberals. They have lined up 6 blacks to accuse Fox of allowing a female staffer to arm wrestle them and make fun of the way they speak. Give me a Break. These folks were probably making more than $100,000.00 a year. If some little old lady at Fox was treating them that way they should have quit. No spines at all. Another liberal smear job to shut up conservatives. Complete BS.

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A 67 yeard old Viet Nam vet. A grandfather who does not want communism or socialism in my country.
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