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CARRARA_ReVi Make America Great Again
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Real BS. Even during the election teachers around NYC were trying to force democrat beliefs & politics on the children, they were telling kids to tell their parents that they did not like Trump & to vote democrat. A lot of kids went home to tell the parents & still teachers get away with inserting politics into the classroom.

Politics is like Religion- you learn at home or on your own these are not things teachers should have a say over.

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CARRARA_ReVi Politics US Politics
2 months ago 84 views

No proof russia changed votes for Donald Trump & chairman Devin Nunes admitted other ways of spying are real. Anyone else tired of democratic B.S and Liberal crying .

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LibertyLioness 2 months ago

They are still ignoring the Project Dragnet information revealed earlier this week! Biggest story in history but the MSM refuses to report it and the communist social sites are dumping it as fast as we can post it. But the videos are still on YouTube! Here's one but there are several more outlining this information: https://youtu.be/lFJ34OAmzP8

keithaBrownell CARRARA_ReVi
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Welcome to @Politics, I look forward to your posts and comments.

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CARRARA_ReVi 3 months ago

Thanks for the welcome. absolutely will see posts from me any time i catch some interesting stuff. :)


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