Colesy Youtubers
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Wondering if there's any UK YouTubers / Streamers like myself here? If so where abouts in the UK you guys from. Looking to meet some similar minded, motivated content creators possibly for collaborations etc.

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Colesy Youtubers
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My channel:

It's been a while since I did a real collaboration on my channel. I'm potentially opening myself back up to the idea of collaborating, either on some sort of PC game or possibly on a podcast (that'd be interesting). Your sub count isn't a huge deal to me, more about your personality, your commitment to creating your content (I don't want to Colab particularly if your gonna give up in a month etc), also you'd obviously have to enjoy my content & my personality (makes sense to have some sort of chemistry so content comes out well) also quality of your content & set up e.g MICROPHONE will be fairly important. If you'd be interested, get in touch :)

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Hey, Colesy here. I'm a YouTuber & Family Man, trying to juggle both lives simultaneously :D it's not always easy!
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