CrypticRogue1 Youtubers
3 weeks ago 167 views

I made this second channel a while ago. So I could get a different feel to Youtube :P
It's kind of like a review type of thing, but I won't talk, I don't want to mess up videos with my audio ;-;
Any additional info I should add to the map?
Or how to present the map/information?

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CrypticRogue1 Youtubers
2 months ago 1,076 views

I literally do nothing in this video..I think.

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CrypticRogue1 Minecraft Fan Art
1 month ago 253 views

The render in the left was done a very long time ago and the one in the right was recent, I gotta brush up my skills from back then though xD. Just wanted to showcase some of my work :P

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Hello, I'm Cryptic_Rogue1\r\nI am 16 years old and I make YouTube videos, enjoy Anime, and play many games :D
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