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Welcome to Abadore Castle.
Located at: Abadorium Kingdom.
Abadorians welcome you!
This Castle/World is designed for both Xbox 360 & PC Minecraft.

5% Diamonds
5% Emeralds
2 NPC Villages
2 Desert Temples
1 Jungle Temple
1 Ocean monument
3 Minecart shafts
2 End Strongholds
1 Lockable spawn
Empty castle.
Map Size: 864x864

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DestructiveBurn Minecraft Projects
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My World Abadore City was created back in Feb 13 2013.
Took me a long time to find the first save with the true date.

Created on Xbox 360 this superflat world is the BIGGEST project I've done to date by hand.
The whole surface is covered and the costume terrain has lots of space underneath for more.

This world does go to the PC for video's / shaders and tweaking that you cannot do on the 360. I still fully build it on the 360

but it's getting really hard to do with the lag that the world creates.

If you want to explore the world hit me up on Xbox 360
Account Name: DestructiveBurn
I'll let you see it.

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Mihro_ [lead] 3 months ago

Amazing work! Especially when it was all done by hand.

DestructiveBurn 3 months ago

Thank you :) It was worth it for sure!

DestructiveBurn Minecraft Projects
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Well if you seen the video I showed of the beginning of Abadore Castle, Here is the second view of this project that will be for Xbox 360, PC.

Two versions two types:

Versions PC/Xbox 360
Types: Filled Castle/Empty Castle

Empty Castle:
Gather resources and build upon. Make it your castle.

Fulled Castle:
This will be my version of the filled and completed castle.

Gold: 6%
Iron: 6%
Coal: 6%
Lapis: 6%
Emerald: 6%
Water: 1%
Lava: 2%
Dirt: 57%
Redstone: 8%
Quarts: 6%

Caverns and Chasms

Villages, End, Sand Temple, Water Temple, 2 Mines.
On the search to import Jungle Temple

World 95% Done. (Empty Castle)
World 0% Done. (Full Castle)

I will be updating this post So keep and eye out for the progress. Also On

Random screenshots on the home page...

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DestructiveBurn Minecraft Projects
3 months ago 2,789 views

Rasa Bloom Mansion has 6 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, bar level, tv room/dining and fireplace.
Compact and everything you need.

39 x 62 x 47

Download Here

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