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IT'S ISIS! LONDON TERROR PERPETRATED BY "SOLDIER OF ISLAMIC STATE"! A statement published by the ISIS group's Amaq propaganda agency said a "soldier of the Islamic State" carried out the atrocity by the Houses of Parliament. Deceased victims of the yet-to-be named terrorist include:

Aysha Frade, teacher and married mother-of-two, was mowed down by the terrorist's vehicle.

Keith Palmer, a policeman and married father, was stabbed to death outside Parliament.

A third victim, a male in his mid 50s, has yet to be named.

Around 40 people suffered "catastrophic injuries" in the attack as the driver in a 4x4 vehicle plowed into tourists on Westminster Bridge, a popular spot for tourists to take photos of London's landmarks. Among them were 12 British nationals as well as victims from France, Romania, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Ireland, China, Italy, the United States and Greece.

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MickeyDee 5 hours ago

The muhammadist cult worships an evil old pedophile polygamist who had 20 wives, one of which was 6 years old, they consider him a hero because he waited until she was none to consummate the marriage - he was 53. They are taught that any person that does not embrace muhammadism should be killed. London elected one as mayor, how stupid can you get?

Broomfondle 4 hours ago

Shameful that our politicians have for decades,invited these people to live among us, & continue to tell us how great they are,whilst they murder our people & the state teaches our children the Koran!
Now we have paramedics in kevlar vests & helmets, & a Mayor of London telling us to"Get used to this!"

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 4 hours ago

Saddiq Khan should be removed from office. He has done far worse than Bill Clinton did to get impeached!

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 4 hours ago

Saddiq: We should not jump to conclusions!. It is more likely to be a cis white Christian who wants another Crusade to destroy the poor abused believers of Religion of Pieces



LONDON 3/22/17 TERROR SUSPECT NAMED! ABU IZZADEEN, aka Trevor Brooks, is now suspected of being the terrorist behind the cowardly terror attack in London this afternoon, according to reports.

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Ruewen 1 day ago

We need to wake up on whats going on and protect our people.

Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 1 day ago

Looks a bit like Larry Fishbourne?

Kween 21 hours ago

I was trying to think who it was...yup!

keithaBrownell 1 day ago


Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 21 hours ago

The Irony! Larry Fishbourne was the one that taught the world about blue pill - red pill. Guess this Larry Aloha Snackbar took the blue pill!

Kween 18 hours ago

Aloha snackbar...now I've heard it all. Time to say "good night votable" HAHA

Sepley 2 hours ago

Double tap and move on!

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keithaBrownell 1 day ago

He's a black guy named Trevor.

OvenShovel 21 hours ago

They call Afghanis, Pakistanis, Indians "Asians".


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