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Been spending a lot of time with Qubicle Voxel Editor lately and have decided to make my own versions of the Minecraft tools and weapons in voxel form. Here is my take on the diamond set.

These models are not in any resource pack or addon, yet. As soon as I have models for all four tiers (yes there are 5, not 4. People always forget gold) I will make a resource pack "addon" that will use these models.

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Hello everyone! ElysianCastaic here. How's everyone doing? I'm doing pretty good. I'm here on votable to help with my YouTube channel and meet all the awesome people here in the community! Don't be shy peeps! Lets talk, have fun, and build friendships that are stronger than bedrock! I'm still fairly new to Minecraft, only been a full player for a few months now but I'm learning fast! I know quite a bit about editing videos and such. Pixel-art seems to come easily to me when I have a reference. I'm pretty color oriented. My server, CrimsonCraft, is looking for members! Want a new world to bui...
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