FardinElias Make America Great Again
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The Media needs to do one simple thing. Stop being a teenage whiny little bitch and start acting like adults for once. Fuck your opinions. Just report the news, as is without filters and bullshit. Stop with the social justice, racism, feminism and establishment bullshit, grow a spine, purge your ranks and leave space only for Honesty, Integrity, and Trust. Until you do that, you will continue to languish deeper and deeper into depths of irrelevance and oblivion.

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keithaBrownell 2 months ago


Sepley 2 months ago

I don't think they can do that, they're too far gone with no way back!

FardinElias 2 months ago

Then I guess actions have consequences. :)

FardinElias Make America Great Again
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Hollywood’s old fantasies and stories of a broken human being are to be done away with and a new positive vision needs to be articulated and implemented. The Holier Than Thou attitude needs to go, actors need to go back being actors and not politicians and the world of hobnob and artificial inflating of self-value is officially self deflating and collapsing in front of our very eyes. It is anybody’s guess what replaces it.

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Realitypro 2 months ago


FardinElias 2 months ago

Not yet. Working on other projects.

Kween 2 months ago

..anything you can share @FardinElias?

FardinElias 2 months ago

Not ready yet. :)

Kween * 2 months ago

As long as the concept of money exists we cannot and will not EVER move forward as a species. It is that very paradigm that stunts our evolution. Individuals have padded that statement with "money is simply energy"...well, yes and no. AND, if we ever figure out that energy exists without the use of currency--which of course is fine to use-- we can be more efficient and effective.

FardinElias 2 months ago

I don't know where you are going with this, but I am a disciple of Hermeticism and Chaos. "All is mind. Everything is allowed. Nothing is real. It is all one giant illusion".

Kween 2 months ago

Oh..I understand that well. However, it is a far cry into the zone of esoteric for many. The concept of money as a transfer of value is low energy--ESPECIALLY the way we've chosen to express it.

FardinElias 2 months ago

What are you doing to change that state of things?

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FardinElias Make America Great Again
2 months ago 108 views

The Left has liberally taken the wrong turn and gone South. #MAGA has taken the right turn and is going Up!

#Trump #SpeakFreely

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Violetfire [lead] 2 months ago

Interesting how the Right is always positive and the left is always negative. Women are usually on the Left and Men are on the right. Check what side of the bed you sleep on. When walking down the street men usually walk on the right (the side of the street) and women walk on the left (farthest away from the street).

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The fullness of the moment is evoked in the delicious savouring of it.

Like a fruit that when ready, can be plucked from the tree.

It is born, lives and dies in an instant. Yet, the experiencer of that moment lives on, experiencing each and every moment.

Moments attract and repel each other, creating the colourful and unpredictable mosaic that we understand as life.

The one moment to rule them all is always here, in the present, wherever I go, wherever I look.

It is always here, I cannot run away from it, just like I cannot run away from my shadow.

It stalks me. No matter how hard I try to push it away, it pulls itself back.
The moment’s inevitable companion is the awareness of it. The moment comes alive in the eyes of the one whose awareness is imprinted on it.

Awareness breathes it to life. There are countless events, persons, stories all happening right...

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