GruvaGuy Minecraft Projects
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Hi this is my 14 village self stacking Iron Farm tutorial. This is designed to be a reasonably simply build with high output. Just enough for an SSP, it'll produce about 9 stacks of ingots per hour.

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GruvaGuy Gaming Interesting
2 months ago 299 views

This is a bit like a game of tag make a video about your gaming origins and then nominate others to join in. Or don't wait to be nominated just make a gaming origins video anyway :)

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GruvaGuy [mod] Ask Votable
2 months ago 302 views

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keithaBrownell 2 months ago

Maybe they should be getting their homework done.

GruvaGuy [mod] 2 months ago

haah, I'm way too old for home work ;)

nepherrae 2 months ago

I'd say, but it would be inappropriate lol

Zoie 2 months ago


Ambi 2 months ago

I was at work... :D

GruvaGuy [mod] 2 months ago

Personally I'm hitting F5 every minute or so.

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GruvaGuy BugReports
2 months ago 223 views

Not exactly a bug but more of a suggestion. The top comments on the right should just be for communities I belong to.

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Jseek [V] 2 months ago

thanks for the suggestion, agree this makes sense will likely implement soon. also currently you can optionally hide comments on the side.


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