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KevinWright * 1 week ago

Come On Santa give us an early Christmas Present these 23 son of a *** will never forget!

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KevinWright * 3 days ago

Why was Mike Pence Running With Paul Ryan???
America Is Ready For Change
We have come out of a great upheaval stronger and more determined than ever to Make America Greater.

Together we rise!

The Pence-Ryan Administration will keep its promises to our constituents. More specifically:

Notice the date Pence-Ryan 2016,

What the hell was this all about? I have always felt Pence was a trader and it becomes clearer every day!

You do know Pence is the President of the Senate, right?


Hi, My name is Kevin Wright, I am a 52 Year Old Man Married to the same beautiful wife for 30 years.I am A US Citizen born right here in the best Country of the World, United States Of America! My wife and I have brought three wonderful children into this world all born here in the USA. We are passionate for our Country and Congratulate President Donald J Trump & Vice President Mike Pence. May God watch over each of them, protect them from harm and guide them on the righteous path to Make America Great Again.
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