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Votable is becoming unusuable. Since yesterday the feed is pushing new posts way down so it doesn't take long to run out of new things to read and find yourself in the same territory you were in yesterday.

Additionally, I reported before that there needs to be a scroll bar on the My Communities area. I used to be able to select a community and then use the arrow keys but now when I click on a community it take me there so I can't see all of the communities EVER! Including not being able to see the Bug Reports at all. And, many, including Bug Reports, are not listing in the "Where are you posting?" section so I can't choose them there either. I'm just screwed if I want to post in anything below Announcments. I will try making the text smaller but that's not doable for long.

Someone, if you can, please cross-post this to Bug Reports because I can't get there.

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LibertyLioness 19 hours ago

I think what is happening now is that if someone adds a comment to a post, it zooms it back up. Not good. I liked it much better before. We should be able to see new comments in our notifications.

nkiyoshi 15 hours ago


Kween 18 hours ago


LibertyLioness * 18 hours ago

Thank you!

cedarnsage 18 hours ago

I certainly hope that this place is not starting to become like every place else!!!

Kween 17 hours ago

How is that @cedarnsage ?

LibertyLioness 17 hours ago

Communities displays nicely now. Thank you for the quick fix.

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LibertyLioness 18 hours ago

Woo Hoooooo! Would like to know who the 44 are! VOTE THEM OUT!

keithaBrownell 16 hours ago

That's why they should always take a formal vote, so we can see it. Seems crazy that we should need a law forbidding something that should never have been entertained. Kind of deceptive of Conservative Daily Post to show a photo of Congress in Washington and really this was the Montana House.

Violetfire [mod] 16 hours ago

I think this passed in Montana. Not in Congress.

LibertyLioness World News
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LibertyVibe 9 hours ago

We can't afford any more bank bailouts. Besides...those criminals DO NOT deserve it!

LibertyLioness 19 hours ago

This guy has lived through financial collapses in Brazil and gives us some insight on what will happen. Kind of an easing of mind.

K_Selected 14 hours ago

It would be better to just get it over with. We can then start over.


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keithaBrownell 1 day ago

We are in big trouble with almost all of our federal workers having a liberal bias which they bring to work and use to promote their point of view.

LibertyLioness 1 day ago

Another agency that needs to do what they were elected to do, not what the scums are bribing them to do.


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