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LibertyVibe Make America Great Again
3 weeks ago 136 views

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DaveTomson2017 3 weeks ago

The Jews that control Pres. Chump can!
And do!

LibertyVibe Make America Great Again
1 month ago 246 views

Some very interesting info came out last night. The same guy that broke the Susan Rice story, just broke that McMaster has been working behind Trump's back with General Patraeus. They have 150,000 boots on the ground, with the intention of pushing a full scale assault on Syria. They have been giving Trump false intel, just like they did GW Bush (WMD's?), in order to get their war. It would be hard to believe, except this sort of thing has happened before. Remember, McCain's secret meeting there a few weeks ago? Everything in our Govt. is compartmentalized. That is why they had to get Bannon and Flynn outta there.

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DeplorableRick 1 month ago

The pieces fall into place and the puppets are pulled taught by their strings once more.

LibertyVibe 1 month ago

How heartbreaking.

LibertyVibe Make America Great Again
1 month ago 144 views

There is a very good reason why Trump has to tread lightly with Erdagon. It is because Obama decided to use Turkey's airforce base to "host" our Nukes. There were rumors that they were moved to Romania during the coup, but those were ridiculous and unverified. It was virtually impossible for that to happen, based on the amount of time and effort it would have taken to move them. They are still under Insurlik. Trump has to be very diplomatic. Whether we like it or not, thanks to Obama, Erdagon has possession of our nuclear arsenal, and possession is 9/10ths of the law. From what I can tell from the list below, it looks like Obama divested US of all nuclear weapons. If this is true (and I hope it isn't), we are no longer a nuclear power.

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