MerryMom [lead] Homeschooling
1 month ago 229 views

This website has more old fashioned type coloring pages for younger kids. I have been using their spring coloring pages this week for our homeschool. They also have U.S. Presidents coloring pages.

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MerryMom Make America Great Again
2 months ago 104 views

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MerryMom [lead] Homeschooling
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LibertyVibe 2 months ago

I don't want public funds to interfere with my homeschooling. I want the government to completely stay out of my business. The only thing I wouldn't mind, is the ability to write off my homeschool curriculum, since I am forced against my will to pay for everyone else's education.

MerryMom [lead] 2 months ago

I agree. I used to think we should get funds as homeschoolers, since we are forced to pay property taxes to the failing government schools. Then I realized that money would just have strings attached and make the government feel entitled to further invade our privacy. Now I try to think of the property taxes as protection money to keep the government mafia out of our lives!


I am a wife, homeschooling mother, teacher, and a traditional Catholic. Disinformation areas I have studied as hobbies include: Ruby Ridge, JFK Assassination, 9/11/01, Sandy Hook, and ThermCon in 1987.
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