Why all the fuss? Muhammadist Mayor Sadiq Khan said it's “part and parcel of living in a big city.” Just accept that some of you are going to die unless you convert to Muhammadism.

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AtOdds 2 days ago

You Londoners do NOT stand together. There is no "together" while Islamic terrorists to live amongst you in your beautiful city and your government lets them set up their own courts and do as they please. Your mayor is a monster.

Sepley 2 days ago

You idiots opened your borders and voted this assclown into office and now you're paying for it. Until you fight back and reclaim your country he's right, get used to it!

MickeyDee 2 days ago

April 2016
Sadiq Khan shared a platform with five Islamic extremists at a political meeting where women were told to use a separate entrance, the Evening Standard can reveal.

Labour’s candidate for Mayor of London took part with an activist who has threatened “fire throughout the world”, a supporter of terror group Hamas, a preacher who backs an Islamic state and a Muslim leader accused of advocating attacks on the Royal Navy if it stopped arms being smuggled into Gaza.

The Mayor of London is a terrorist sympathiser.

Very naive. The Koran is quite clear on this.
"The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter."

ISLAM does not mean 'peace'. translated from Arabic, it means 'SUBMISSION'.

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Whistleblower FBI Cover up. And his opponents say Snowden should have gone through the 'official channels' for whistleblowers. What a joke!

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Hate censorship and paedophiles. Love whistleblowers.
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