Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Interesting
3 days ago 401 views

From the creator of the hit videos Acid Interstate 1, 2 & 3, comes their next amazing musical visual adventure.
Minecraft.net did a really eye-opening interview with the creator. You can check it out here
Be sure to read video description as MiningGodBruce made sure to include some really good things to check out, such as this flikr album full of awesome images from the video that you could use as desktop backgrounds.

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Mihro_ BugReports
2 days ago 60 views

Semi-related to my latest report about the flairs. But this time just about the display of the 'No Flairs' icon.

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Mihro_ BugReports
2 days ago 63 views

There is no repost button on posts made by yourself. However, there is the option to repost it in the drop-down menu. I think this should be one way or the other?
I'm not sure if it is this way because I am a Leader. I will ask.

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Mihro_ BugReports
2 days ago 67 views

The community 'Edit Flair' button does not seem to do anything.

Update: When first visiting a page, clicking 'Settings' only shows whether to notify user of new posts. But after 'Edit Flair' has been clicked, if you then click 'Settings' then an extra section to choose flairs also appears within the settings panel.
Clicking 'Edit Flair' is not a toggleable option. Once clicked, it always appears in the 'Settings' option. When the page is refreshed, these conditions are reset and the flairs section no longer appears.

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