Mihro_ BugReports
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Well this is ironic. I was fairly sure that I had created another bugreport since my latest one and I found evidence that I had on my profile. (shown above)
However, no matter what I do, I can't get it to show on the bugreports feed although I clearly posted it there. Interesting disappearance.
The link to the bugreport in question is here.

To people viewing this:Could you please check that it's not just me being crazy? Can you see the post in the feed? Thanks.

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Mihro_ BugReports
1 month ago 157 views

I guess this is a follow on from my bugreport 'Post View Filters Affected by URL'. (side note: I can't find that posted anywhere anymore apart from a direct link to it that I have saved)

If your post filter is 'New' and your URL ends in '.../new' then every time you scroll down and new posts are loaded, it loads the same set of posts over and over starting from the first. Notice that the view counts for the posts are still being updated after every newly loaded group of posts.

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Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Discussion
1 month ago 590 views

I don't know how many of you out there wished for many colored beds but Mojang has an easter treat for you. And they're springy so you can have that bed bouncy castle you know you've always wanted.


From a reddit post by /u/itsWrexy

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Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Discussion
1 month ago 936 views

Parrots dance, llamas spit & shulkers magically levitate anything they don't like.

If you were to have a mob added to Minecraft, what would it be?
What special feature would it have?
Is it hostile?
How would it behave around you?

The more details, the better.

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