Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Interesting
3 days ago 1,565 views

The winner for this competition is @RussianAfroMan for this stunning photo titled 'When in Grome'.
I can just imagine myself standing on one of these white rooftops, looking out over the city and seeing the massive building in the distance.

Runner up is @DestructiveBurn with this view over Abadore City built on Xbox.


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KaosMC [mod] 1 day ago

Never said congrats, but congrats. ;)

RussianAfroMan [mod] 1 day ago

Thanks Kaos! :-)

DestructiveBurn 2 days ago


RussianAfroMan [mod] 2 days ago

Cheers! :-D

duncansadventure 1 day ago

Good job mate.

TheStuff 1 day ago

Umm... This shot is really good. The city project is well done for me, nice shaders too. I would like to see more stuff like this πŸ˜„

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Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Discussion
1 week ago 316 views

Hello Votable peeps. 2 days left to enter the Minecraft community competition. Link here. Looking forward to your entries.

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Mihro_ [lead] Minecraft Interesting
3 days ago 332 views

"Hi everyone!
The World of Colour Update (1.12) is bringing some radiant changes to PC/Java, including exotically-patterned Glazed Terracotta blocks, vivid concrete ones, and even brighter shades of wool. Woo hoo!
That gives the artistic among you even more opportunity to create some eye-popping builds. And, for the first time ever (probably), we’re planning to include them in an upcoming trailer!"

More details on the /r/Minecraft reddit post here.

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Mihro_ BugReports
2 weeks ago 102 views

Both pairs of radio buttons seem to be linked as one group of inputs. Whenever I click one of the four buttons, the dot moves to it. Even between the two separate pairs. And you'll notice that the first pair doesn't have a button to themselves.

Once I click an option, the page refreshes saying that the change has been updated however the radio defaults back to 'Feed'.

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Mihro_ 2 weeks ago

More items inside.


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