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The dangerous combination of arrogance and hypocrisy by liberals and Democrats was in full pathetic display again with the fresh discovery of former President Barack Obama delivering a statement a couple of years ago similar to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson's comment on Monday about slaves and immigrants.

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jetdrvr 1 month ago

Bold soul!

rektspec * 1 month ago

UN peacekeepers do the same, but as soon as they can, they sell them to Blackwater agents for Hillary's CF to auction them to ME Shieks!

NSFW_LeeLee All info on #PizzaGate
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Violetfire [mod] 3 months ago

Holy crap. How did anyone put this together? Unreal. Someone needs to send this to the NY Times and let them ignore it.

NSFW_LeeLee 3 months ago

VOAT is where they have been working like mad on this.
Join there, and cross match info!

Violetfire [mod] * 3 months ago

I go over there all the time and pull stuff but I haven't joined. Those people need to be left alone to do their thing. There's too many people that throw stuff out to them and just wastes their time so I stay in the background and then post the stuff on here and Gab. I didn't see this one tho. Thanks for sharing.


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