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For the PRC (Predatory Ruling Class), the neo-con propaganda outlet FOX News has, for the past 20 years or so, served the important purpose of keeping conservatives on a leash long enough to allow to them vent off their frustration, yet just short enough to keep them from wandering off into the land of total truth. The sole saving grace of the network was that, in allowing just enough cosmetic "conservatism" to air before millions of viewers, a percentage of the more astute elements of the massive audience would eventually wander off the plantation completely and join the ranks of the full truth "conspiracy theorists" TM. Indeed, during the late 1990's, your now fully enlightened Editor here passed through the FAUX News / Rush Limbaugh halfway-house before growing out of the "Left-Right" control cage altogether.

For that reason, in spite of our disdain for Rupert Murdoch's FAUX, we are nonetheless troubled by the recent and much-public...

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OvenShovel All info on #PizzaGate
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OvenShovel 16 hours ago

High-level rape and pedophilia have been severe issues in the government and the U.S. army for many years. Governments and international organizations have been caught on numerous occasions trying to hide their involvement with sex rings, rape, and pedophilia, but despite their efforts, the public is starting to wake up to this type of high-level corruption.

It’s not just pimps and escaped convicts involved like the media wants you to think; oftentimes, it’s the people you’d least expect, or even respect the most: the politicians, the elite, the wealthy businessmen, and in some cases, even your friends and family.

Retired Army General James Grazioplene, who worked in the Pentagon and as the Vice President of DynCorp, is currently facing six rape charges. If the name DynCorp rings a bell, it’s could be because we’ve reported on the private military contractor’s international child sex scandals before.

More at http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=150502

Violetfire [mod] 15 hours ago

Why is DynCorp still a contractor? Oh...I forgot. They contracted them specifically for trafficking children and NO ONE says a thing. NO ONE. WE continue to allow DynCorp and the UN to rape and make sex slaves out of children. How the hell do we stop it?

ontherocks 9 hours ago

This just CAN'T be true.
Jerk Torpor, Chuck Toad & that sissy on ABC News would have been on this like white on lice.

Well I suppose it had to happen. And I suppose it's the kind of thing that Willi Munzenberg, the inspiration for the Frankfurt School, had in mind when he enjoined his comrades “we must to organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat"

Or what former KGB boss Lavrenti Beria was thinking when he addressed a visiting delegation of American Communists. “Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals … by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation … a population can be brought psychologically to heel."

Pity both were prematurely offed by their erstwhile proletarian comra...

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LibertyLioness 23 hours ago

Degrade, divide, disgust and conquer. Yeah, I'm totally disgusted.


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