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Patrick Slattery and Pastor Mark Dankof review the bogus Russian election hacking nonsense, the Deep Dirt background of James Comey, and the Deep State nexus focused on promoting war and stopping the nationalist agenda of Trump.

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Rabbi Marvin Antelman (193?-2014) deserves credit for exposing the origin of the modern Illuminati in a “heretical” Cabalist Jewish movement named after its progenitors Sabbatai Zvi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791.)

This mostly Jewish movement which includes Freemasons assumes the identity of the target population and subverts it from within. A Jewish authority, Gershom Scholem, describes them as “demonically possessed.”

They are the satanists behind Terror, Communism and the NWO. Trump is one.
Read this first, if you haven’t already- The Satanic Cult that Rules the World

Certainly the Frankists and their friends belonged to an “elite” new aristocracy.

Marvin Antelman writes: “The Frankist elite consisted of a circle of very gifted intellectuals, theologians and men of letters, as well as a group of men of great financial means who were for the most part great merchant bankers and e...

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Realitypro * 3 hours ago

I actually think the same pipeline this is bringing in cocaine, women & children for human trafficking is also bringing in terrorists to bring down the West. A CHILLING letter that predicted the first and second world wars also claimed a third global battle will be fought between the west and Islamic world. The prophecy was penned by US army captain Albert Pike, a freemason, almost 150 years ago and sent to Italian politician Giuseppe Mazzini. He said Christianity would be “destroyed” and a one world government established. This is what the New World Order is all about.

DaveTomson2017 6 hours ago



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