PerryDawg Music
2 weeks ago 140 views

Also available on Amazon, Spotify, Napster... everywhere! Thanks to everyone who followed me on this project. Enjoy and spread the word!

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PerryDawg Music
2 weeks ago 583 views

The final video from my album APPLIANCE. Ten videos for ten songs.

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Zoie 2 weeks ago

Great work on the song and video, @PettyDawg ! :)

PerryDawg Videos
5 days ago 76 views

After my last music video, I decided to edit and direct another short inside Grand Theft Auto V. Enjoy!

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PerryDawg Music
3 weeks ago 344 views

This is the 9th of ten music videos from my album APPLIANCE, which releases on ALL PLATFORMS APRIL 14TH.

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Zoie 3 weeks ago

Can't wait for your album! :)


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