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roscoeellis Random Thoughts Page
4 weeks ago 149 views

Taking my melatonin with iced coffee before heading to bed has always seemed perfectly normal to me. But now I'm starting to wonder...

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nepherrae [lead] 4 weeks ago

an upper and a downer at once, make that heart earn its place

roscoeellis Random Thoughts Page
1 month ago 134 views

So I've just restrung my weed eater for the first time. Hope I did it right. Guess I'll find out in a few minutes when I start it up. :)

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nepherrae [lead] 4 weeks ago

lol, hope you can still type if not :)

nepherrae [lead] Random Thoughts Page
1 month ago 171 views

if you go fishing in the sea for sins, remember yours are in there too

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TangoMike 1 month ago

Self-professed sociopath speaking of sinful seas.


roscoeellis Random Thoughts Page
1 month ago 210 views

So I've just spent the last few hours doing personal clerical stuff: budget work; sorting and filing correspondence, some of which dates back to January; etc. This is an unpleasant enough chore under the best of circumstances, but when a backlog of months is allowed to build up... yuck!

I track the money daily, of course, but the rest of it: matching operational details with long term goals, making sure tweaks and adjustments are properly balanced, keeping projects moving at a good pace, taking precautions to avoid future problems, some of these things need closer attention than I've been giving them lately. So much of today has been spent catching them up.

Time management is so important. And organization. I need to get better at those things again.

The adventure continues.

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nepherrae [lead] 1 month ago

good luck with all that friend 🙂

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just type in your random thoughts. they're in your head, share them. give some insight, maybe a laugh maybe something deep
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