Rebel1ne [lead]
Make America Great Again
10 hours ago 102 views

I've noticed there seems to be a wall growing and not between the US and mexico like I want but between Trump and the people. A wall of confusion and silence. We weaponized autism to put Trump into position now we must employ FULL SPECTRUM WARFARE!

I'm looking for the funniest, most artistically talented, well informed and self motivated meme farmers among our community to concider enlisting in @kekwork. Together we can start the Meme Surge and clear a path for our POTUS to implement our agenda and finally Make America Great Again!

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Rebel1ne [lead] The Kekwork
8 hours ago 53 views

Our goal is to identify our enemies, find their weakness, and use it to destroy them. Tactical Memes are the future.

Let me know if you have training in a state military.

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Rebel1ne [lead]
1 day ago 88 views

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