Reziac Star Wars
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DeplorableRick [mod] 1 month ago

I gotta get me one of those waffle irons!

Reziac 4 weeks ago

My sister got it for me for Xmas, from ThinkGeek. Pricey, but it's also a really good waffle iron, and a handy size for one person.

DeplorableRick [mod] * 4 weeks ago

Amazon has them in all kinds of SW shapes for about $30 bucks.

Good to see you back @Reziac :)

Reziac 4 weeks ago

Sadly, I only remember to show up when I get the email notice!

Mine is the first one on the Amazon list. I had no idea there were so many others. I could theme my whole kitchen! :D

DeplorableRick [mod] 4 weeks ago

Oh, if I had the spare cash, I would make a different Star Wars Waffle every day of the week lol!

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Reziac reposted
Trump 2016
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K_Selected 1 month ago

The judge needs to be exported to a Muslim country. Then banned.

Reziac BugReports
1 month ago 108 views

Last time I was here, the textbox worked perfectly. That was maybe 10 days ago (I forget unless I get the email notice, so glad for those!) However today there is no visible cursor in the textbox UNLESS I first press an arrow key. Then it appears, but it vanishes again if I click in here with the mouse (and is absent when I first open a textbox).

Also, somewhere in the past month or so the site flow stopped "floating" correctly, so now I have to sidescroll to see the whole righthand column. My browser is set at about 1400px wide so this has got to be awful for people on narrow screens. If I reduce font size by 10% then I can see the entire screen, but then it gets tiresome for old eyes to read. It gets worse as I increase font. LOTS of low-vision people use a large screen font!

Using SeaMonkey 2.39 on WinXP, and no I'm never going to downgrade either to a later version!

And otherwise Votable is working very well for me, an...

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Reziac reposted Linguistic_killshot Politics
2 months ago 685 views

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pkokga 2 months ago

Fabulous idea! i'm spreading this link far and wide... 👍😊

CynthiaSpeaks 2 months ago

Sean spanks the media's @$$ again. They much like it!

Linguistic_killshot 2 months ago

Have you been had your daily rashins?

Linguistic_killshot 2 months ago

Starts at 45:20min in


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