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RussianAfroMan [lead] 2 days ago

For hes a jolly good fellow!

Jseek [V] * 2 days ago

grats @The_blondeviking! heres to you

RussianAfroMan [mod] Minecraft Interesting
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Otlichno SMP is recruiting new members for Season 6! https://goo.gl/Ll48o9

We have members ranging from across the Globe, that all contribute to make a lively and diverse community! We are currently on Season 5 but are starting Season 6 in June. We enjoy doing group UHC's, builds, collabs, and most of all having fun! While we do expect players to participate we stride to create and maintain a community that our players Want to be active in. Over the span of Otlichno's existance we have maintained a more family oriented community, we laugh, we work together and grow as a group but in the end we all recognize its in good fun and that we can rely on each other for what we need. Otlichno is one of those groups that does not try to force its ways onto you but presents you with the opportunity to want to make yourself a better person and stride to help others around you.

In summary we are a family that want's to grow to...

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Mihro_ [lead] 4 days ago

Aww man. I've never really been one for multiplayer servers but I guess that since I'm not experienced I can't say much about it. But seeing you guys play, it really makes me wonder what it's like to be part of an SMP community. I have this want to join.
The main problem I see, is that when it comes to survival, I'm just a dwarf. I.e. I go underground and dig until I amassed a hoard of ores. Other than that, I play creative mode and create great things on the technical side. I don't even do YT videos yet.
I'd be a great community member but unfortunately I feel that that's all I'd bring. So sadly I probably won't apply this time.

RussianAfroMan [mod] 4 days ago

Plenty of other ways to help the group then create YT videos, being a great community member is a great way :)
As long as you are active and involved everything should go fine, so feel free to apply if you like my friend!

KaosMC [mod] 6 days ago

I've been seeing Otlichno, and it REALLY looks like fun!
But, alas, I can't do anything like this yet. But you can count on my application for season 7. ;)

RussianAfroMan [mod] 6 days ago

Thanks Kaos!
We all have tons of fun on here! I await your application in the future! :-D

DRAGONKINGmc 6 days ago

Awesome, Can't wait to see all the server noobs. JK, they will all do great!

KaosMC [mod] 6 days ago

Oh, didn't mention this, but my cousin who is living next door to me, is an epic builder. His temporary houses are better than my permanent ones.

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RussianAfroMan [mod] Minecraft
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Submission for the Minecraft community photo competition!

This is the City of Grome.
Ancient Greco-Roman style

Built by Myself & Thorhammerhand on Otlichno SMP!

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ElysianCastaic 1 week ago

1st place!

RussianAfroMan [mod] 6 days ago

Thanks EC! :-)

Jaris56 6 days ago

amazing, It's got a wonderful ethereal quality, yet there's such a feel of 'real life' . A great eye for detail.

RussianAfroMan [mod] 6 days ago

Cheers Joy! :-D

RussianAfroMan Music
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Zoie 5 days ago

Awe, I love this song! <3


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