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Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is having a great Saturday I know I am. Once again I was amazed to find that the news this morning was relatively quiet which is kind of scary. It's when people stop talking you need to worry and even Kim Jung Un is mum today! What will be will be and I don't waste time worrying about it, I just log it as I see it happen! So, the world is still here and we're still alive so have a good day!

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Kween 3 hours ago

Hope you have the best of one great day @Sepley

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Good morning Votable, at least it's still morning where I am ! LOL As I mentioned before I track war zones and hot spots and the here for the last week I've been pretty busy updating my various scenarios. There were two interesting updates in the news today about the Middle East (ME). The first is that we apparently airlifted a force to cut off ISIS from access to their oil amongst other things. This happened in Syria and the second was even more interesting!

The Russians moved into a Kurdish controlled area that the Turks had previously bombed or shelled and we all know how much Turkey loves the Kurds! This is a not so subtle message to Erdogan which is interesting since they are supposedly allies on the same side. My personal feeling is that the Kurds are going to come out of all of this with their own homeland and that just pisses Turkey off (and others I might add).

It's possible that this move by the Russians is unstated backing for this very t...

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keithaBrownell 3 days ago

Very interesting times, I feel like I am living inside a Ludlum novel. ITEOTWAKI AIFF

Kween 2 days ago

OK @keithaBrownell - that was like reading a license plate and trying to figure it out. I am stumped on AKI - HELP! lol

keithaBrownell * 2 days ago

sorry I left out a w AWKI, sorry. It's pretty common, to me it means I know the paradigm has shifted and I am ready and optimistic.

Ronsharpe 3 days ago

You need to investigate this website!

Sepley 2 days ago

Which web site? The stories came from different news sources!

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Sepley World News
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Good morning again and yes it is still morning where I am. Some of you may recall that I just recently moved from San Antonio to Olympia up here in WA! I'm loving it too, on to the topic of the day!

I don't know if you follow the news or not but some of you may or may not be aware that things in the Ukraine are heating up again and I expect war pretty soon, I predict 4-6 weeks at the most.

There have been two recent incidents that just scream false flag op by the Ukrainian intelligence services. The first is a dead ex-Russian politician that was shot and killed in Kiev. The Ukrainians are blaming Russia but it seems that this politico was about to testify against a former Ukrainian president I think it was.

The other incident is a blown up ammo dump that they are blaming on the Russians as well. Amazingly enough there were no deaths or injuries when this happened and again this screams false flag op! They are claiming that all of th...

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twisty58 1 day ago

Hey Sepley! Welcome to WA! I'm praying all this mess will go away, but it won't. We were forewarned.

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Good morning from Olympia where it's cloudy with scattered showers! Actually it's almost always cloudy with scattered showers now that I think about it! I once heard that people in WA don't tan we rust! I guess I'll find out! LOL

Oddly enough there wasn't any real war news this morning, not even a peep from NK although apparently they are planning another nuke test! I saw an earlier article a couple of weeks back where a high ranking NK defector said that one more nuke test could very well topple the regime.

Apparently not everyone in the NK government shares Kim's dreams of being a nuclear power at the cost of everything else. Of course this begs the question as to whether a new regime would actually be a plus or a minus. In the meantime keep your blades sharp and your ammo handy!

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Hello to all my fellow deplorables, it looks like we might actually have a home now. As for me I'm a huge supporter of the 2nd amendment and I'm an active member and supporter of the NAGR. I'm also an ardent antijihadi and believe that in the end there can be only one and I choose us. I think that for the first time in a long while that America is finally on the right track and I look forward to great things from President Trump and his administration, I think he is off to a great start and I'm glad to be a part of it.
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