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Good morning voters! There was an interesting story in Pravda this morning. It was a speculation piece about the possibility of another Chernobyl type meltdown in the Ukraine. The timing on this story is rather curious as both sides are gearing up for a second round of war. It crossed my mind (yes I have a suspicious mind) that this could be a set up for a false flag op and if so we're going to see a second meltdown soon.

The only other story of interest was one about Russian submarine patrols being at the highest levels since the cold war. This also means that NATO patrol levels are extremely high right now as well since they try to keep tabs on the Russians. On this cheery note I hope everyone has a great weekend! FYI, we actually had 3 days of sunshine up here and today we're back to cloudy and rainy! It was all just a tease! :-)

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God morning fellow voters, still looking for that name! Things are still in motion in Europe we have the impotent NATO trying to intimidate Russia while in the Ukraine another probable false flag p takes place to further inflame the populace.

In the Pacific we have Japan looking for the authority to conduct a preemptive strike in NK and quite frankly in their shoes I'd be looking to do the same thing! If fat boy strikes then Japan will be among the first countries hit and they know it.

Meanwhile in the ME Turkey has pretty much declared their intent to resume combat ops in Syria even though the US and Russia have made moves to block them. This will set up the next round of fighting and for the first time it will represent the possibility of spreading outside the local theater of operations.

That's about it for today at least so far, ya'll have a great day and weekend!

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Hello again, no really bad news today I promise but change is in the wind. Of course the ME always has something going but there have been some interesting indications lately. To start, in my opinion the Kurds are going to come out if this with their own homeland which among other things is going to royally piss off Turkey.

We basically sent Turkey a not so subtle message when we sent troops to Syria recently to block them from attacking the Kurds. I saw a recent news report that Russia has also sent troops into a Kurdish controlled area with the same intent, block Turkey.

There was a news story this morning about the Russians using Iranian bases on a case by case basis which granted isn't necessarily a good thing but consider this! Iran also borders Turkey and it's more than a little possible that Russia's intent here is to limit Turkey's ability to cause trouble. Even if they are nominal allies with them Russia would be crazy to trust them and the...

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Good morning votable! the big news of the day is that Japan is seeking authorization to launch a preemptive strike against NK and in their shoes I don't blame them. Other than that it continues to be a slower than average news week.

I did come across a rather interesting story in defense news. There was a drawing of a new Chinese frigate and the weird thing is that it's radar mast bore a striking resemblance to the mast on the Brits new Type 46 destroyer! Imagine that, I wonder how many millions the Chinese saved by stealing that design??

If anything new and interesting comes up I'll try to pass it on. IN the mean time have a great day! FYI, we actually had some sunshine today!! Whoo Hooo!

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Hello to all my fellow deplorables, it looks like we might actually have a home now. As for me I'm a huge supporter of the 2nd amendment and I'm an active member and supporter of the NAGR. I'm also an ardent antijihadi and believe that in the end there can be only one and I choose us. I think that for the first time in a long while that America is finally on the right track and I look forward to great things from President Trump and his administration, I think he is off to a great start and I'm glad to be a part of it.
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