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Violetfire [mod] 2 weeks ago

Hooray for the Deplorables. Some of the nicest, sweetest people on the internet.

SoaringNow Introductions
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Violetfire 2 weeks ago

Welcome. Yes we love America First in every way and with Trump we really are "soaringnow". LOL. Look around and I hope you find Votable what you're looking for. We really love it here and i'm sure you will too. Let any of us know if you have questions. We're a helpful bunch. I look forward to our interactions. I'm usually at @thedonald or @pizzagate

SoaringNow 2 weeks ago

Thank you.

You're courage is amazing... pgate makes me weary.

Violetfire 2 weeks ago

It makes us all weary and sometimes it's overwhelming but if we don't expose it those children will continue to suffer and we can't allow it to go on anymore. It must be stopped.

Zoie 2 weeks ago

Welcome to Votable, @SoaringNow !

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President Donald Trump triggered a tsunami after he made a series of tweets that blasted Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower. Mr. Trump emphasized that the move by his predecessor was very terrible and it’s evident that the treasonous Obama could have gone to such extremes.

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LibertyLioness 2 weeks ago

Nice article. Haven't seen this information yet today. I think you're on to something here!


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