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Friday 4/21/17: Today's News, Michael Heaver

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April 21 2017

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OvenShovel * 2 days ago

They're criminals by being here illegally, Mr. Kalb. How would you feel about them taking sanctuary in Israel, for example?

"White supremacy...racism...xenophobia..." same old (((Cultural Marxist))) b.s.

TangoMike 2 days ago

"I'd feel like you're an Antisemite because shut up, that's why"

OvenShovel 2 days ago

My bacon Ghillie suit didn't throw you off my scent? -

TangoMike 2 days ago

"Antisemite used to mean someone who didn't like #Jews. Now it's someone that Jews don't like" via Dr. EM Jones

rektspec * 1 day ago

Hardly many Semitic Judaists since majority in modern Israel are Khazars. The true genetic Semites are those in present day Palestine, what the uninformed called Arabs

TangoMike * 2 days ago

"And what race shall we be today Mr Goldstein?"

DaveTomson2017 1 day ago

When Hitler the Hero was around, there was suddenly not one Jew in Europe!
They were all.....

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Lee Ann McAdoo Friday 4/21/17: Plus Special Reports

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