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Macron was seduced by his teacher, who is his current wife, when he was 15 and she was a married woman of 39 with a husband and three kids. This is NOT normal. He broke up a marriage when he was still at school - NO MORALS. The ideal Soros globalist.

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DaveTomson2017 4 weeks ago Comment of the day Apr 30

Fuckin Zombies are here!
Sacré bleu!

OvenShovel * 3 weeks ago

Is that the "cat woman" plastic surgery disaster character?

"French (((centrist))) Emmanuel Macron said on Thursday France would push for (((European Union))) sanctions against Poland if he is elected president, signalling he wanted to take the lead in defending the bloc’s (((democratic values))). - http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=150895

Kween 3 weeks ago

Wrong or right...what boys aren't in love with their teacher. Wrong because of her - mostly. She is the troll because SHE was the adult! Married with children. Horrible...and Rape. It is immoral..but come on if you're gonna use that as a problem in THIS day and age...you're living in a different reality.

Just like fast tail girls...scunching up to their male teachers that are 15/16 years old. Wrong. and even more wrong for the male teacher not to have any discipline. Rape. BUT...come on..the facts are the facts. There may be many reasons that he should be vilified (I don't know, haven't investigated), but THIS is not one of them.

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...for the follows and exchanges.
Take care

@Violetfire @libertylionesse @werepuppy @thegoldwater

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TangoMike 3 weeks ago
  • @libertylioness
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Revealing the fully functioning system of thought-policing going on under the noses of sleeping nations. Every free nation needs to understand "security certificates" and how to use them to get the "bad guys." No society can survive if it allows facts to trample feelings.

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TangoMike 4 weeks ago

It would really multiply results if you would AT LEAST tag things like this, if not provide a brief summary/synopsis.

If you hadn't built up some cred, I'd wouldn't have bothered even looking at this.

OvenShovel 4 weeks ago

I'll see what I can manage. Appreciate the feedback.

TangoMike 4 weeks ago

Thanks for hearing it. Atypical and noted response

OvenShovel 4 weeks ago

Was that a tag that I added?

TangoMike * 4 weeks ago

More a synopsis. >>>> #keyword/hashTAG

The principle is, "why should we care more than you do about what you care about?"

OvenShovel * 4 weeks ago

No idea what the tag business is all about. can you explain? thanks.

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TangoMike 3 weeks ago

.....gonna get your ass kicked...


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