Truthlover Jseek
3 months ago 156 views

Yeah, this site is orders of magnitude better than Facebook. Wonderful.

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3 months ago 88 views

Heard a funny quotation the other day. It bears repeating. "A yawn is just a silent scream for coffee."

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nepherrae 2 months ago

sometimes theres a sad little moan that goes along with it

Truthlover Truthlover
3 months ago 81 views

Hmm. Many people on here look young. Am I too old for this site?

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Truthlover 3 months ago

No, I am not. Yet another side effect of wasabi and chocolate. I look young!

Truthlover SaucyPatriot
3 months ago 90 views

Love the cat, by the way.

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SaucyPatriot 2 months ago

Thank you but decided to change the cat. I like this one better.


I am passionate about the Truth. Also, chocolate in its various forms. Wasabi is an excellent choice as well. Left-handed. English teacher in Japan. Poor but rich. A little homesick. I don`t virtue signal. May say some things that people don`t like but I am harmless.
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