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3 weeks ago 254 views

Titanfall 2 is a first person shooter game where you run around and kill people sometimes as a person or in a mech suit built for combat. Today I thought it would be a good idea to share my first multiplayer game, Enjoy!

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TryaVenatus Gaming
2 weeks ago 213 views

Today, Xander Wolf continues his rivalry with John Cena and its Show Off Time on SmackDown as My WWE 2K17 Career Mode continues into the 2nd week on the calendar, and 1 week less until Xander Wolfs first Pay-Per View.

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TryaVenatus Youtubers
3 days ago 116 views

My WWE 2K17 Career Mode continues as John Cena decides to make a heel turn against his rival Xander Wolf on Smack Down Live, how will The Red Wolf react to John Cenas surprising change in attitude?

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TryaVenatus Youtubers
2 weeks ago 195 views

Today, Xander Wolf makes his WWE Debut on SmackDown Live in WWE 2K17 Career Mode. How will the WWE Universe react to the new dog in the yard on his journey through the WWE.

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