Vegito Gaming
5 days ago 120 views

Im looking to buy a Spiderman game for a PC, so i wanna ask you is The Amazing Spidrman really that bad like the reviews say?

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AfternoonGamerYT 5 days ago

Vegito nowadays you cant really trust reviews but I recommend before buying any game you think it through and also I recommend getting games on discount if possible as if it doesnt satisfy you enough at least you didnt pay overprice for it!

Vegito 5 days ago

Thank you i will, see first about this new Spiderman game if it ll come to PC

Anonymous 5 days ago

if your into spiderman you will enjoy it, otherwise its a mediocre game

Vegito Anime
5 days ago 81 views

Does anyone know, when will new
episodes of Fairy Tail come?

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firegurl 5 days ago

nothing but rumors but people are saying they will come in late 2017 right now, have you heard any news?

Vegito Anime
2 weeks ago 42 views

Does anyone know when does episode 278 of Fairy Tail coming ?

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CrypticRogue1 2 weeks ago

Well, from what I know. An anime can continue once there is a good amount of manga so it could go off of(so it could continue). I don't really read manga so :/

Vegito Anime
1 month ago 565 views

Does anyone knows if there will be a 3rd season of Rosario + Vampire.

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