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__xx__xx__ 2 months ago

she is rocking some pretty awesome glasses

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President Donald Trump will soon be getting some help from one of his most trusted persons. She also happens to be one of the closest to him.

Trump's daughter, Ivanka, will get an office at the West Wing as she will serve as an informal adviser to her father.

Ivanka will not receive a salary for her role as she will not be considered a federal employee. Along with the office, she will receive a government-issued communications device. The device will protect government records and sensitive information that Ivanka will be able to see. She will get a security clearance that will allow her to view important and secret documents.

Although Ivanka will only serve as an informal adviser to the President, the same strict ethics rule for government employees will apply to her.

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LibertyVibe 2 months ago

No disrespect to Ivanka, but I am not a fan of her or her husband. I don't think any of this is appropriate. I believe her and Jared's views a left leaning, and I don't appreciate their influence on the President. I don't like the posturing that is being done for her as his successor. Frankly, I am a much bigger fan of his sons.


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