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hearthwench * 2 days ago

The image reminds me of a episode of "Amazing Stories", about grandpa who died. He was so stubborn, refusing to die, he got out of his death bed and kept on doing his normal routine, while rotting as the days progressed.

Linguistic_killshot 2 days ago

how many orphan transplants do you think he had in total?

rektspec 2 days ago

As Hillary says, 'It takes a village'

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VOSGOS 2 days ago

^^^ Good Stuff This ^^^ THANKS!

rektspec 2 days ago

Chinese in every country dominating in business, it's already happened!

Kween 22 hours ago

What has truly pissed me off is Blacks, African Americans or whatever the politically correct statement of the season is have begged for a "country" (rightfully so, by the way)..but have missed the opportunity to use their participation to go into Africa--being used as pawns to fight someone else fight. THIS was definitely an opportunity that is diminishing. The Chinese have positioned well and pretty much have a lot wrapped up, now.

This is a symptom that happens in many instances across many groups (not always along ethnic lines)--not singling out Blacks as the only ones who refuse to use participation to do something meaningful that is wanted/desired

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DeplorableRick 2 days ago

Looks like she's running to the bathroom to drop a big ol deuce.

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maxwellness 2 days ago

and how do they determine which sites are fake news?


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