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KreatorB [lead] YouGrowTube
16 hours ago 45 views

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URDrivingMeCrazy YouGrowTube
3 days ago 69 views

Don't worry, the title is just a teeny bit click bait-y, this is SAFE FOR WORK video :)

Hey all, just joined this new group and want to introduce myself. I am a "topic" vlogger I film primarily in my car on the road. I discuss a wide variety of general topics with on eye on trying to entertain you, make you smile, and make you think. To introduce myself I invite you to check out my latest video on the topic of free speech and I welcome your thoughts!

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KreatorB [lead] 2 days ago

thanks and welcome to the group. I shall leave u some feedback

KreatorB [lead] 2 days ago

great video, like the topic and as a Canadian I can not see or even figure out the difference about all thet shite. But I Totally gave you a like and a SUB. keep it up as I will be back. thanks for the interesting topic.

SheriffSatin YouGrowTube Feedback
21 hours ago 46 views

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unholymalachi YouGrowTube
1 week ago 214 views

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SheriffSatin 4 days ago

Love it heres a sub for you!

unholymalachi 3 days ago

Hey thanks dude, I really appreciate it.

SheriffSatin 21 hours ago

Anytime man keep up the great work!

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