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Zoie Ask Votable Food
4 hours ago 44 views

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yrmy 1 hour ago

Used to be Doritos. Now it's nuts.

hearthwench 2 hours ago

My homemade crackers.

Zoie 4 hours ago

I love Goldfish! :)

Zoie Ask Votable
4 hours ago 37 views

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hearthwench 2 hours ago

Special Unit 2. Funny, and mixed supernatural with cop show.

tsubibo 2 hours ago

cancelled or finished? cancelled is franklin and bash. finished, would love more seasons of friends.

Zoie 4 hours ago

I would bring back Kyle XY because the series finale left on a cliffhanger and I need to know what happened!!!

GruvaGuy Ask Votable
14 hours ago 113 views

Hi Votable, what are your community guidelines?

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Violetfire 12 hours ago

Each community has their own posted on the right hand side of each community.

KaosMC [mod] 12 hours ago

Hello, @GruvaGuy I'm Kaos, a mod here. If you're on the desktop version, they'll be on the right, as @Violetfire said. Mobile, you'll see an "About" at the top. Tap that, and it'll show you the guidelines. Enjoy Votable!

GruvaGuy 11 hours ago

So no community guidelines for votable as a platform?

KaosMC [mod] 10 hours ago

Depends on the community, but we don't censor if that's what you're asking.

rektspec 10 hours ago

Unwritten guidelines:

  • No promotion of or participation in Cuckolding
  • Bend the knee whenever Donald Trump's pic appears
  • Repeat watching 'Side of beef' incident in an endless loop.
hearthwench 8 hours ago


TheDizzyDuet Ask Votable
1 day ago 140 views

Is there a polling platform for Votable? If not, would love to have one added! It would be cool to know what others are thinking here. Just an idea!

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nepherrae 1 day ago

i thought thats what was already going on. u post what u think and ppl comment

keithaBrownell 15 hours ago

@TheDizzyDuet Maybe if you gave more detail.

KaosMC [mod] 19 hours ago

I think I know what you mean. You want to add choices, and others will vote, like on G+?

TheDizzyDuet 14 hours ago

Hey all, thanks for commenting. More of setting up a poll where you have multiple choices to choose from and people vote. For example, say I want to learn how many people on Votable believe one way or another and I want to word it in an either or question. So I would set up a poll and the answers would give me an idea of like minded people to share with. Does this help?

KaosMC [mod] 7 hours ago

Hey, @Jseek I think this could be a good idea. Wbu?

TheDizzyDuet 6 hours ago

The poll I would set up would give me the information in my inbox and I could choose what polls I want to share with the public, or if it's just for me. Does this make more sense? I used to run a website online and part of that website was a networking platform much like Facebook. Within the platform was the ability to add polls, where people could run their own polls and they can be shared with others. Hoping I am making sense. :)

Jseek [V] 6 hours ago

yep this makes sense, we almost added polls at one point but need to work out the code a bit more. anyways they will be coming in the not so distant future.

TheDizzyDuet 4 hours ago

That's Awesome! Thanks!!

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