bpaul Make America Great Again
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“The Fourth Amendment, even for U.S. citizens, doesn’t apply at the border,” said Mary Ellen Callahan, former chief privacy officer at the Department of Homeland Security. “That’s under case law that goes back 150 years.”

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northman 1 week ago

Constitutional rights only apply to American citizens , but for so long the left has controlled the federal courts especially the 9th district and having them rule that anyone is afforded those rights no matter who they are. Time to take a page out of the turner diaries and end this NOW.

Violetfire [mod] 1 week ago

Don't hold your breath. Supreme Court is also compromised. I won't be surprised if they side with these bozos.

bpaul Make America Great Again
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“Tens of millions in hard-earned taxpayer funds spent on TV ads won’t sell a fundamentally flawed approach to health care,”

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Spicy Shitposter
rektspec * 1 week ago

Muh Legacy (being rogered by Mike in the WH with Winston bust looking on)

bpaul World News
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Refugees PISSED

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northman 1 week ago

Soon to be America when our President starts cutting off benefits to the savages let in by ostupid.

Rather than making Muslim Soldiers in the Army adhere to the strict dress and appearance policies set forth in AR 670-1 like everyone else, Army commanders now have the authority to grant waivers to their Muslim Soldiers, allowing them to wear full Islamic garb! Oblabma strikes again

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