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Well well, well, isn't that interesting?

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LONDON TERROR CASUALTIES RISE! Leslie Rhodes, a 75 year old retiree from South London, was crossing Westminster Bridge to St Thomas' Hospital for glaucoma treatment when he was was mowed down by the terrorist's vehicle. Rhodes, who never married and only had a nephew and niece for close family, has been described by friends as 'the nicest person you'd ever meet'. The 'very fit' single window cleaner from Streatham, South London, was joined at his bedside as he lay dying by his nephew and his long-term neighbor Michael Carney. Mr Carney played him Queen's These Are the Days of Our Lives as doctors switched off his life support machine last night.

The attacker was identified Thursday as Khalid Masood. His victims include:

Aysha Frade, teacher and marrie...

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@jseek can we get a share button for GAB?

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@jseek can we get a share button for GAB?


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