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Violetfire BugReports
2 weeks ago 208 views

I like the new notification format but it also is very frustrating. I'm no longer able to keep up with the comment replies. If I do a view all you can't upvote within the notification page. If you click the article and make a comment I try to go back using the back arrow to the notification page which takes you back to the beginning. If you scroll down to the end it will not bring in the next set of notifications. I then have to go back to the notification bell and select view all again in order to get page 2 or 3 and it starts all over again. I end up giving up and wish the old notifications were back. Am I doing something wrong or is this behavior the intended design?

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Jseek [V] 2 weeks ago

hey @violetfire appreciate the report, sounds there are a few bugs here this is not the intended design. will get around to fixing this soon and let you know. cheers!

Mihro_ 2 weeks ago

Nope. I too have been meaning to report all these problems and maybe one/two more but haven't gotten round to doing it yet.

LibertyLioness BugReports
2 weeks ago 147 views

I muted a user and for a few days I didn't see any of those posts but about 2 days ago they started showing up in my Home feed again. They are posts the user is posting in a group I belong to.

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Jseek [V] 2 weeks ago

thanks for the report will check it out and have a fix out soon, if you dont mind which community is this so I can look into it?

LibertyLioness 1 week ago

Make America Great Again is the one I see most. I will watch to see if it happens from others. Muted another yesterday and same problem.

LibertyLioness 5 days ago

I see that you fixed the part where I could see their comments. Muted user comments are now no longer seen. But I can still see their posts on the Home feed. Drives me crazy cause one of them is constantly posting clickbait posts every day.

Violetfire BugReports
1 week ago 177 views

Stickies still don't work. They will not go to the top of the page.

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Violetfire BugReports
1 month ago 457 views

The points are not adding correctly. People who never post or comment are raking up points.

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Jseek [V] 3 weeks ago

hey @violetfire just fixed this one today, thanks for passing it along!

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votable bugging out? let us know about it and we will try to fix!
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