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yrmy BugReports
9 hours ago 27 views

Background color disappeared from my profile. And header image got redimensioned.

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Violetfire BugReports
3 days ago 60 views

The sticky will not work in my Pizzagate community.

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Violetfire BugReports
5 days ago 89 views

Hi Jseek.
When I go into my notifications list it shows people followed me but I didn't get the little red circle with the number at the top right. Did the notification for followers get removed? Also I use to be able to go under Profile and see Following Followers and that is gone as well. I can't figure out how to view Followers anymore.

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Jseek [V] 3 days ago

hey @violetfire, just released a code update a few minutes ago with a bunch of fixes to notifications, it should now show properly the notification for new followers but please let me know if your still having issues.

Mihro_ 4 days ago

I don't know if you've found it yet but for me, if I go to my profile, there's a bar just under my main banner picture. On it are the sections for 'Notifications', 'Posts', 'Followers' & 'Following'.
If you want, you can click on the Followers tab and it will take you to your Followers page.
As for the notifications themselves, I think they're being a bit funky since the latest update.

Violetfire 4 days ago

Thank you. We use to get a little red notification when someone followed. Wondering if that was removed. It was handy to have.

Mihro_ * 4 days ago

Yes, I believe that used to be a whole separate button that looked like two people. I don't mind that specific feature being removed, I just need the notifications to wake up about it.
P.S. Can you do me a favour, can you try to message me through Votable?

Violetfire 4 days ago

I'm trying. It doesn't seem to work. I'll try again

Mihro_ 4 days ago

Aha ok. I have already written a bugreport about something I did with messages and I just wanted to know if it affected both sides.
What do you get? A little pop-up saying "Discussion not found!" ? If so, then I'll update my bugreport.

Violetfire 4 days ago

It goes through the motions and looks like I messaged you but your name doesn't appear in the message "This is the beginning of your private message history with "
Your name should appear at the end of that sentence....I think. Try messaging me.

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Violetfire BugReports
4 days ago 58 views

When I go to a members homepage and click on message I type the message and hit return and NADA. Goes nowhere. Does nothing.

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Jseek [V] * 3 days ago

thanks for the report! if you dont mind could you pass along which user you are trying to message? would like to try messaging them and see what happens.

Mihro_ 2 days ago

I believe it might have been me. I asked them to message me on their last bugreport about followers. I asked them to do this in relation to my bugreport about 'Conversations Lost Forever'.
I don't think you will have any trouble messaging me since I have not exited out of our current conversation.

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votable bugging out? let us know about it and we will try to fix!
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