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(Minor) Downvotes appear as upvotes in the notifications. (This might be by design?)

On a post, I replied [and agreed] to a comment that was critical of OP. I got notifications that the commenter and OP upvoted my reply, but when I check the post page the comment score is 1. Shouldn't it be 3? I'm guessing OP downvoted me (which is fine) but the notification says upvoted.

Not a big deal, just figured I'd point it out :)

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Jseek [V] 3 months ago

thanks! this will be fixed with the next release ( hopefully coming out late tonight ) :)

codywohlers Technology
3 months ago 996 views

some highlights:

1:32 - Need a film of an elephant? There are over 223 entries in the library! (database) lol

5:00 - After this process comes to maturity, the effects that it's going to have on society and going to outstrip even those of the petrochemical revolution.

10:19 - Newscaster: The government has the capacity, by using computers, to get all kinds of information on us that we're not really aware they have. Isn't that dangerous?
Jobs: I think the best protection against something like that is a very literate public.

Also quite an awareness of privacy implications even in 1981.

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codywohlers 3 months ago

top youtube comment - Take a drink every time she says, "computer"

Jseek [V] 3 months ago

this is awesome! going watch later, really digging jobs beard job here haha :)

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3 months ago 1,730 views

OpenRA map I made of the atlantic ocean.

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codywohlers 3 months ago


human be-ing. watching tech and society play together.
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