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Kween [lead] CONspiracy byCON days
1 month ago 374 views

Today 2/20 is Presidents Day in the United States of America. The first president under our current constitution (John Hanson was 1st President selected by Congress-- including George Washington) receives accolades of enormous proportion. Yet, history bears a man with questionable morality.

How important is morality in the office of presidency? While slavery is a blight on humanity's history in general--it was de riguer. However as Stefan Molyneaux points out in this informative video @2:19:45 it is reported Washington was EXTREMELY harsh. According to the facts presented in the video it further seems his ethics surrounding finances were questionable. It appears some decisions would benefit him financially and not the people of the day. Those decision yet negatively effect our economy today?

What do you think? Just how important are morals in the office of the presidency?

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