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Kween [lead] CONspiracy eCONomics
15 hours ago 114 views

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WerePuppy 14 hours ago

I was telling my sister today there must be at least a dozen conspiracies in regard to Antarctica

Kween [lead] 13 hours ago

(try 2 dozen @WerePuppy Which one resonates best to you? I have 2 "theories" - I like

WerePuppy 12 hours ago

I don't know yet. For my entertainment value, probably the one where the Nazis went there, discovered hollow earth, and are now terrorizing the galaxy with some aliens :P

Kween [lead] 12 hours ago

Yeah @WerePuppy I like that one. I also like that there is a walk-through to a warm Shangrila. :) - listening to Corey now while I relax from work a li'l. :) :)

WerePuppy 11 hours ago

Another one of my favorites is the idea that Antarctica might be Atlantis, and there was some kind of polar shift that put it into the ice zone -

hearthwench 9 hours ago

Do not forget that it is a portal out and the "good guys" will not let the "bad guys" get out and escape our wrath for all of their evil. it seems we are not allowed to use it either. Not fair. The Arctic, )which has magically disappeared from all maps, even old ones), is the portal in to our construct, planet, or...

Kween [lead] 4 hours ago


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caltrop CONspiracy eCONomics
1 day ago 152 views

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LibertyLioness 21 hours ago


hearthwench 1 day ago

I was going to protest because I do not look like my Pomeranian... then I got to the bottom. Bwhahahahahaha...

DaveTomson2017 1 day ago

Didn't recognize the last two dogs!
What race are they?

Kween [lead] 1 day ago


747 CONspiracy eCONomics
19 hours ago 52 views

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Kween [lead] CONspiracy eCONomics
2 days ago 59 views

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hearthwench 1 day ago

When I read about this a few years ago, it horrified me, and I also wonder why? It is amazing how many people still beLIEve the lies told to them.

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Conspiracies that seem to be proven or are very close to being proven. No matter how deep you go into the rabbit'll never find rabbits. Find the Key!
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