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caline Crafts
2 months ago 340 views


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hearthwench [lead] 2 months ago


hearthwench [lead] Crafts
2 months ago 329 views

To (make) spin yarn, you need a spinning wheel or drop spindle. It is a hands-on craft. There is usually a spinning and weaving guild near by. I never seen a You Tube. My wheel is a Canadian Saxony, made by the master wheel maker Alden Amos. Sadly, Alden died over a year ago. I can treadle it with a toe while laying on the couch and move the yarn as the bobbin with a afghan hook so I do not have to move too much. I used to be called the Queen of Lounge Spinners. ;D

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Kween 1 month ago

I went to a private religious school that taught spinning broom making right aside aeronautics and anatomy--pretty cool girls and boys learned the same thing.

keithaBrownell Crafts
2 months ago 345 views

@hearthwench show us how you make the yarn. I brush my dogs daily and am saving their hair to make them little jackets.

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keithaBrownell 2 months ago

I just want to see if it will be possible.

hearthwench [lead] * 1 month ago

Sorry! I did not see your reply. If I was not up to my eyebrows in so many things, I would spin it for you. Seek a weaving and spinning group in your area. Someone may do it for a reasonable price or barter. OR you can learn to spin. ;D

OH! If you can get some clean wool from a yarn shop, you can use a metal dog brush to blend dog hair into some wool, then felt it. You can make rugs, tote bags, pillows, etc. with it.

hearthwench [lead] Crafts
3 months ago 351 views

I had bought an old unused pattern- McCall's #3699. Sadly, it had you glue the parts on after sewing. I sewed them on. This is for my youngest grandson, who loves Elvis. I want him to be able to play with it if he wants to. Our dog was growling at it once I got the feet on. laughing...

He would hear Elvis crowing in the background when my daughter had us on speaker-phone, and it made him laugh. When they visit, he loves to watch the rooster. He was never allowed into their yard, of course. Elvis is large and not friendly. Below is Elvis, for real. I did not add his spurs. He got pissy with my husband when we were breaking a broody hen and tried to attack because we lifted his girl out of the nest, we touched one of his girls. He got a good gash with one of his spurs on my husband. A boot to the butt stopped that. He tried again when a 2nd girl went broody, with the same attitude adjustment. We did not plan on having a rooster, but here he is. He is very good...

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keithaBrownell 3 months ago

Good Job.

hearthwench [lead] 3 months ago

Thank you.

caltrop 2 months ago


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