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rogerlodge Beautiful Earth
12 minutes ago 76 views

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747 Beautiful Earth Recipes
6 hours ago 144 views

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LibertyLioness 6 hours ago

Too late. Fukushima will kill them all in time.

Kween * 5 hours ago

Without the obvious time it would take to investigate everything I recall seeing in a video there is something going with Fukishima which all doesn't hold true. In the video it referenced Chernobyl, that people went through it and still live there fine. (I don't know the accuracy of any of this information, merely relaying what I heard--without additional followup).

A quick search before I sent this reply reveals there are several videos on YT that speak to "the Fukishima lie" - dunno. If per chance you happen to look into it...I'm sure you're inform. :)

LibertyLioness 2 hours ago

I've been watching the articles on which is owned by Mike Adams ( I trust his judgment. According to that site and many videos I've also watched. Chernobyl didn't come close to what has happened at Fukushima.

Of course, it is possible it is false flag event. Anything is possible these days. I've heard those rumblings too.

Kween * 2 hours ago

Like I said...I do not know. Do I think it is possible? Certainly. Do I think it is probable? No. The connection made in the video I watched between Chernobyl and Fukushima relates to the proximity of people living there, the measurements of the radiation and their longevity--not the aggregate quantity of the event.

I think--at least what I got from it (and again I am no authority on the subject by any stretch)-- was that if the radiation levels were as they were suggesting it wouldn't be possible for people to survive it. Like you said...who knows what is or isn't a FF these days. Sad but true...that we even have to question everything in our "realities".

Kween 6 hours ago

There was a good project from one of your young countrymen that got a lot of press cleaning up the oceans.

747 6 hours ago
747 6 hours ago
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mcsirabrams Beautiful Earth
1 day ago 351 views

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jetdrvr 1 day ago

I have a good friend who is a guide there, currently skydiving hard in AZ. Big formations. Heading north in a month.

twisty58 21 hours ago


747 Beautiful Earth Recipes
6 hours ago 123 views

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