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Zoie Ask Votable Food
4 hours ago 43 views

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yrmy 1 hour ago

Used to be Doritos. Now it's nuts.

hearthwench 2 hours ago

My homemade crackers.

Zoie 4 hours ago

I love Goldfish! :)

Violetfire [lead] Food Eats
10 hours ago 35 views

This is my husbands version of Stir Fry. It's made with a Pepper steak like sauce but it is delicious. It's his own concoction so I don't know the recipe.

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Zoie [lead] 4 hours ago

Looks great! :)

Zoie Art Food
2 days ago 163 views

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Zoie 2 days ago

EGG-cellent artwork!

Zoie [lead] Food Recipes
1 day ago 62 views

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