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747 Food Eats
1 week ago 1,033 views

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hearthwench [lead] 6 days ago

Cool. My daughter did this with oldest boy and about to do the same with the youngest one.

I wish I could set up my hillbilly greenhouse. Too much snow on the ground.

keithaBrownell 1 week ago

I agree also a great way to teach them about where food comes from and it's not the produce truck.

747 * 1 week ago

That was exactly what I was thinking about. I learn by doing and seeing rather than reading. So by planting a few tomatoes my daughter now understands and enjoys the whole process of GROWING vegetables/fruits by her own. This can be very valuable knowledge and experience for the future.

keithaBrownell 1 week ago

....and it is such a loving discipline, taking care of tiny plants, good for their little souls too.

hearthwench [lead] 6 days ago

Wait until she tastes the difference of homegrown vs. store. Priceless. ;D

keithaBrownell 6 days ago

Tomatoes from the store have no flavor.

Violetfire [lead] 6 days ago

I plant 10 to 12 plants each year. The first harvest goes to the hubby. I make sure he has enough that he gets sick of them. After that the rest gets cooked down for tomato sauce.

Zoie [lead] 6 days ago

I remember when my dad used to grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables, including tomatoes. Such fun times! :)

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Zoie [lead] Food Eats
2 weeks ago 265 views

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Zoie [lead] 2 weeks ago

Thought this was rather interesting!

nepherrae 2 weeks ago

surely was :)

hearthwench [lead] 2 weeks ago

The first one with a veggie is my favorite we still eat.

Violetfire [lead] Food Eats
1 month ago 322 views

This is my husbands version of Stir Fry. It's made with a Pepper steak like sauce but it is delicious. It's his own concoction so I don't know the recipe.

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Zoie [lead] 1 month ago

Looks great! :)

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