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lilero Free Speech
1 month ago 311 views

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DaveTomson2017 1 month ago

Jewish "free speech" is only for Jews & other colored parasites!

Not for White people!

Ionwhite 1 month ago

Jeez, and then the Jews wonder why they get kicked out of every single country they've ever inhabited except israel...

K_Selected 1 month ago

They're going to fail. It's a "cat and mouse" game. 10,000 ain't enough. I hope it puts them out of business.

lilero Free Speech
1 month ago 212 views

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SunshineKid 1 month ago

The elite always want their way. That is what gets us into conflict. This type of censorship has been going on with almost every nation in the world at one time or another. Hitler stamped out dissidents; Stalin stamped out dissidents, and that is not to mention China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and other countries. Want to say something not politically correct in Cuba, North Korea or perhaps Iran?

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Readings and writings about free speech, examples of censorship from major platforms, and discussion elsewise.
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