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DaveTomson2017 Free Speech
20 hours ago 10 views somehow NOT "hate speech"
but "Jews run the world!" IS!

Guess who makes up these stupid rules!

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Spicy Shitposter
rektspec 1 month ago

Historical overview of EVIL MSM

DaveTomson2017 Free Speech
2 weeks ago 86 views

As long as Jews control the media & Internet, there will be no free speech!

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DaveTomson2017 Free Speech
1 week ago 67 views

Pretty much reet & complete, y'all!

Because YOU didn't have the balls to stop Satan's Kikes but chose to slip a bagel up your ass instead!

Enjoy your Gulags, assholes!

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Readings and writings about free speech, examples of censorship from major platforms, and discussion elsewise.
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